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Beaute Eminence Beauty

[Royalty] Shampoing Hydratant (DIGO) - 1

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Product description

Specially made for kinky and coily hair types, this luxurious hydrating shampoo gently cleanses your hair without drying it out. It works by nourishing the hair with the vitamins and minerals it needs to flourish and helps remove loose dandruff flakes .

Containing ingredients such as Gotu Kola leaf extract, known for improving blood circulation, and oat straw, an essential ingredient for strong hair, this shampoo revitalizes and strengthens each strand.

Its rich blend of carefully selected natural ingredients not only hydrates but also moisturizes your hair, giving its shine. 

Key benefits

  • Great for all types of curls
  • Improved formula which foams more
  • Helps get rid of oils, dirt and build up without drying the hair.
  • Provides essential nutrients necessary for healthy hair
  • Helps soothe sensitive scalp
  • It enhances the definition of your curls
  • Restores luxurious shine and radiance to dull hair
  • Nourishes hair follicles through improved blood circulation
  • Softens the hair
  • Helps dry and damaged hair to start flourishing again
  • Does not dry out

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